Since 1960 we produce mechanisms and mattresses for sofa beds and convertible. Quality can not be improvised, it is the result of fifty years of experience. Our commitment has always been to create resistant, easy to use, functional mechanics. Adapting year after year is the most demanding challenge. In order to try to overcome it, it was essential to update the productive part with new technologies, to train our human resources and to renew the way we work every day. Since 2013, our mechanics have passed tests of resistance to opening and closing cycles and holding of vertical loads at the CATAS, International Certification Body


Resistance, functionality, durability of our mechanics are the result of a process that starts from the choice of quality raw materials, worked with innovative technology by capable people.


Today's mechanics have characteristics different from those of fifty years ago. Flexibility also means, above all, a company able to follow market trends and requests.


Reliability means resistant, welded, bent and punctured mechanics with precision to last over the years. Reliability is respect for agreements, respect for deliveries and ability to meet commitments.