Otello Piede12 Slim

Mechanism double bed folding sofa system with quick opening system through backrest drive. The Otello Foot 12 model features a molded metal front foot which, in addition to ensuring greater stability, offers an important and innovative design. Mechanical is raised from 12cm ground. Otello Foot 12 was conceived to get a design product in which the mechanism does not clutter but lighten the shape of the couch. In the Slim version, the sides of the mechanics are identical to the other versions of the Otello series.The structure is made of high strength 30mm diameter tube and the leverage obtained from high-thickness tape guarantees maximum resistance to repeated openings and vertical load (Catas Certification). Painting is done with oven baked epoxy powder.This mechanism can be matched with a spring or polyurethane mattress. The maximum length is 190 cm and the maximum height is 13/14 cm.The mod. Othello is equipped with bayonets for quick fixing of backrest and armrests. Different backrest versions are available: Simple, Pillow Case, Split Pillow Case.