Two-fold sofa bed mechanism with rapid opening system which operates through traction from the backrest. High-density polyurethane mattresses with a maximum height of 18 centimetres and length of 200 centimetres can be placed inside the Otello 18 mechanism, ensuring maximum comfort even when opened out into a bed.   Otello 18 features an important new innovative design for a moulded sheet front foot which guarantees greater stability.   High-resistance 30 mm diameter tube structure. Leverage is obtained by an extra thick belt, ensuring maximum durability when repeatedly opened and closed. The structure is painted with fired epoxy powder. The Otello 18 model features bayonet couplings for rapid backrest and arm fastening. Different versions of backrests are available: Semplice (simple version), Portacuscino (with cushion holder), Portacuscino diviso (with separated cushion holders).